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Exposure of the week

Hello hello!

Time for a new subject today! No story time, but the real work, exposure. For the ones who doesn’t know what it is, I’ll explain it for you, as short as possible haha. Exposure is just what it says, expose to things which scary for you. That can be a spider, but for people with an eating disorder it could be eating something you haven’t eaten for a while, or eating somewhere else for example. So, that’s what I did this week.

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Proud and rewards | Family

New day, new start. Wednesday I arrived home after a long day and a long trip. I was exhausted, so after my evening snack, I went to bed and slept like a princess. The next morning I had to get up early because I had an appointment with my therapist and my mom.

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Is it the last week? | Week 4


It’s time to talk about my last week in day care. It has been a week with big ups and downs. So, it has been a mixed week. And… it was also my last week. The intention was to do four weeks of day care, so that’s what I did, and I’m glad that I did this, to be honest.
But… more about my week is following!

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Recovering, is it possible?

Hello readers!

Today I would like to talk about recovering and the question if it is possible to recover from this disorder. The opinions are mixed, but I would like to share my opinion and story’s I’ve heard from others. So I would like to say, enjoy reading!

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Hospital, how?

Hello loves,

It seemed to me a good idea to write about how I ended up in the hospital, my weight and how my time was there. It has been a few month ago, and I still can’t believe that that happened at all. It seems so unreal. To let you read it better, I make it in a Q&A version. Have fun reading!

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Day care | Monday October 3

Hey everyone!

So, Monday has passed, so time to write about Monday, what I’ve done and how I felt. I don’t think it was my best day, because I relapsed a bit, but I hasn’t been the worst day. I will start by telling my weight, and then tell about the rest of the day, in order.

Enjoy reading!

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First two weeks of day care || Programm

I have had already two weeks of day care. I’m glad I took this chance to help myself and give myself a brighter future. It’s not that I earned it I think, but I want to do stuff again like running and drawing. Because of the lack of energy, I am not able to do all those stuff yet. And that’s kind of sad actually. So I’m doing day care now, and I will explain what the programm is and what we all do there.

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Moving on

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on my blog, and the first post will give you an impression of me, my eating disorder and what next. I hope I can inspire people to do the same and show people that it is possible.

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