I have had already two weeks of day care. I’m glad I took this chance to help myself and give myself a brighter future. It’s not that I earned it I think, but I want to do stuff again like running and drawing. Because of the lack of energy, I am not able to do all those stuff yet. And that’s kind of sad actually. So I’m doing day care now, and I will explain what the programm is and what we all do there.

I’m doing three days a week day care. But because of the travel time (3 hours one way trip), they offered me a bed. So from Sunday till Wednesday I’m staying there.

The first day of day care is Monday. We start with an start-up. After that we have a dex. That’s a therapy where we talk about how your week went. Second part of the dex is exposure. Here you try something difficult to eat.

After the dex, we have a startersgroup. Every week we discuss a different subject. This week it was health. That week before we talked about Fairburn (interesting to look that up by the way).

Tuesday we start with PMT. We learn to listen to our bodies by doing exercise. So it’s a kind of gym, but then therapeutic. Very fun, but unfortunately it’s in the gym, which I don’t want to be and can’t be anymore.

After pmt we have a cooking lesson and make our own lunch…warm meal it is. When we finish the meal, we make a start with cognitive therapy. We look at the way we think and how that have influence on the eating disorder.

And Wednesday, the last day care day of the week! We start the day with exposure. But not in the way with food, but all the stuff around food but still has something to do with the eating disorder. So we look at the behaviour, social contact etc. And we do exactly the things we are afraid of.

This is what we do every week, and for me, it helps me a lot. Maybe to good haha.