Hello loves,

It seemed to me a good idea to write about how I ended up in the hospital, my weight and how my time was there. It has been a few month ago, and I still can’t believe that that happened at all. It seems so unreal. To let you read it better, I make it in a Q&A version. Have fun reading!

How did you end up in the hospital?
It started with a fight with my parents. I was scared and angry at the same time. I did some stuff wrong (impulsively buy stuff) and I thought my parents were angry at me. At the same time I was angry because my mom hid all the packages I had in here closet. After I found out she has hidden all those packages, I got angry at her and I locked myself in my room for a week. I didn’t speak to anyone, didn’t text anyone. I didn’t eat and drink as well. After 3 days my mom called the doctor who came at my place. He was very worried and send some psychologists to my house and checked on me every day. But there wasn’t any improvement, so after a week they called in the psychiatrist with a nurse who checked my weight. After seeing that they called an ambulance and took me to the hospital.

What was your weight when you arrived at the hospital?
When I checked in to the hospital, my weight was 41.5kg. That was more than 20% underweight, for my 166cm height. I looked very bad, said my mom and nurses.

What was your opinion of the tube fed?
I really hated it. It hurts very much, makes talking a lot harder, makes you gonna throw up and a lot more negative stuff. So no, I can’t recommend this to anyone.

How long did you stay at the hospital?
I didn’t stay there for long, I was there for two weeks. They checked my body a lot by taking blood samples, checking blood pressure, checking the weight, checking my heart etc.

How many kg did you gain after the two weeks?
I gained 0.7kg. It wasn’t a lot, I thought it was more, but the scale doesn’t lie.

So, this were a few questions about my time at the hospital. If you have any questions left, just ask. I’m happy to answer all your questions.