Hello readers!

Today I would like to talk about recovering and the question if it is possible to recover from this disorder. The opinions are mixed, but I would like to share my opinion and story’s I’ve heard from others. So I would like to say, enjoy reading!

Okay… I think there are more sides of this story. Because some seem to recover, some seem like to deal with the fact that they have it and some aren’t ready to recover and stick to the disorder.

I know some girls, who I speak regular. Some are trying to recover, some aren’t ready yet to get healthy. Somehow I can understand that. I mean, it’s something what can satisfy you, make you feel good like you cán do something. It makes like meaningful, because without, the world seems like a big mountain you’ll never able to clime. But I hope for them they will change their mind and their life. I’m praying for them.
Some of the girls are trying to recover, but have to deal with some relapses. No shame, to succeed you have to deal with the relapses. I can’t be going good all the time. But you take two steps ahead, one back and two ahead again.

The day care worker told me a story about a girl. She was very very ill and he and other workers really wondered if she would survive. She was a dead girl, he told me. Her parents forced her to the clinic. If someone is forced to go somewhere, usually there’s no motivation to recover. Okay, in the end, she wrote the day care worker, she had a boyfriend, had work…had everything and she was doing very well. Her size was normal again, and she was a happy person. So according to the worker, it is possible to recover from an eating disorder. However, that girl still got problems with the disorder. How? Because she had a lot of years wasted on her disorder. She lost those year, what she doesn’t like.

My opinion? I think it’s possible to recover. Okay, I’m not a reliable source, because I am not recovered yet, but I’m on my way to become a healthy person. I think if someone is motivated to get a healthy life, it is possible. It is possible to change your life, as long as you want it yourself.