It’s time to talk about my last week in day care. It has been a week with big ups and downs. So, it has been a mixed week. And… it was also my last week. The intention was to do four weeks of day care, so that’s what I did, and I’m glad that I did this, to be honest.
But… more about my week is following!

So… Monday was a bad day. Very bad day to be specific. I started my day by refusing breakfast. And I tried to refuse the snack in the morning, but the therapist wasn’t happy with me and if I didn’t eat it, then I wasn’t allowed to join the group by going somewhere. So I chose to eat and join the group. Someone was there for the last time and I didn’t want to ruin her day, so I changed my mindset and did it. My mood didn’t go better. Had some conversations with some staff members and my therapist. In the end of the day, ready to sleep, I said to myself: I’ll give it a 200% tomorrow and show everyone there is an other side of me. And so I did, I had a very good day, and everyone around me was pleased by my mood.
Wednesday was an in-between day. I had my ups and downs, but it wasn’t that bad, and I turned my day in a good and nice day.

Today my therapist and I reviewed my time at the day care. I asked if there was a possibility to let me stay for two more weeks. With some asking etc and explaining why, we fixed it. So I will stay for two more weeks, and I’m so relieved that this is even possible.

Thanks for reading for now, and hopefully till next time!