New day, new start. Wednesday I arrived home after a long day and a long trip. I was exhausted, so after my evening snack, I went to bed and slept like a princess. The next morning I had to get up early because I had an appointment with my therapist and my mom.

The conversation went well and people were visible happy to see me making those big steps. Even though my mom didn’t tell me, she wrote me a card with here feelings. That was so sweet of her!
My therapist was also happy with the results and that’s what she told me as well. That gives me such a satisfying feeling. It makes me happy and makes me think that I am able to do something, that I’m not that useless.
Thursday evening, wanting to sleep, I found a bag on my bed. In it there was a card and some beauty products. It was from my mom, who told me in the card how proud she was to be my mom, to be the mom of such an amazing child. She never told me that, so I find it very sweet. She said I deserved this package as a reward on what I’ve done already. In other words, a short term reward.
Somehow this helps me to work on it, because all those goals for long term are nice, but not motivating to do it because it’s not visible on short term. So a present is nice to work to.

And the biggest surprise of all… my mom allowed me to paint my hair! So I’ve made an appointment with the hairdresser yesterday. I really can’t wait, I’m just like a bouncing ball, bounce bounce bounce hahaha. The appointment is today sooooooooo, I’M SO EXCITED! It’s gonna be granny grey. I hope it will look good on me, and hope that others will like it Monday. I’ll let you know!